The Artrium Meeting and culture centre

The Artrium – Meeting and Cultural Centre

The Artrium in Bad Birnbach is a cultural meeting sport for young and old alike. From cabaret to concerts to seminars, there’s a lot to offer here. Along with three rentable event rooms of different sizes, there is a reading cafe with a wide selection of magazines and newspapers as well as small snacks, a library and a Visitor’s Information Centre.  

• Greeting the guests every Monday at 14:30
• Library with more than 7,500 media and free internet access
• Reading cafe with more than 20 current daily newspapers and 30 magazines and journals
• Information about events in and around Bad Birnbach
• Pre-event sales of tickets for various events
• Answers to all questions concerning your stay in Bad Birnbach
• Leisure and shopping tips
• Great selection of local leisure and entertainment discount cards
• Extensive informational material about the local attractions

Meeting rooms

capacity meeting room „Bonifatius“
(58 m2)
meeting room „Servatius“
(100 m2)
meeting room „Pankratius“
(255 m2)
Seminarbestuhlung 9 Tables,
18 Seatings
14 Tables,
28 Seatings
Parlamentarische Bestuhlung 40 Seatings 15 Tables,
30 Seatings
54 Tables,
108 Seatings
Reihenbestuhlung 10 Tables,
20 Seatings
80 Seatings
8 Reserv seatings
277 Seatings

Bankettbestuhlung - 10 Tables
40 Seatings
44 Tables
176 Seatings

meeting room Bonifatius (58 m²)

meeting room Servatius (100 m²)

meeting room Pankratius (255 m²)

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