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Private Corridor to the Rottal Terme

Rottal Terme

Healing waters drawn from the depths of primordial rock

The healing water of the Chrysantiquelle and the Konradsquelle of Bad Birnbach is drawn from a depth of 1618 m. With an outflow temperature of up to 70 °C, the two springs are among the hottest thermal mineral springs in central Europe. The water is rich in fluoride, sodium, hydrogen carbonate and chloride and stimulates the circulatory functions, offering an excellent basis for carrying our therapeutic exercises treating illnesses of the veins and orthopaedic disorders. The healing water and the magnificent, undeveloped natural landscape of Rottal offer recuperation and relaxation any time of year.

Look forward to more than 30 healing water pools with a total area of more than 2.600 m².


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